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The German Orthopaedic Hospital in Bahrain is a modern, highly-efficient orthopaedic specialty hospital situated in the heart of Bahrain within easy reach of our patients. It was founded on the principle that it provides easy access to world-class, German doctors here in Bahrain, without the patient or their family having to leave Bahrain. It is staffed by a highly efficient team of full time, in-house German Consultants and an advanced support infrastructure including Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Osteopathy services which combined, helps us to meet and exceed the high standards of treatment expected by our discerning and loyal clientele. Our main area of focus is on conservative and surgical orthopaedics, sports medicine, pre and post-operative care and pain therapy. Our team of dedicated German Orthopaedic Consultant surgeons treat a broad spectrum of injuries, as well as spine, shoulder, foot, hand, and elbow surgery, and uniquely in Bahrain, custom-made implants for knee and hip surgery.


International Patient Medical Services

We are providing international patients and their families with the highest quality medical care and support services to ensure a pleasant experience at German Orthopaedic Hospital. We offer a caring, individualized approach, focused on meeting the special needs of our patients and their families before, during, and after their visit to German Orthopaedic Hospital - Kingdom of Bahrain.

Program Description & Services

International patients who come to our hospital are going to meet our personal patient coordinator who will arrange all aspects of their visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain and provide resources and recommendations for their stay.

The staff is committed to making each patient’s stay as comfortable and convenient as possible by providing assistance steps with the following.

Follow-up appointments and other services

Contact Information

Telephone: 00973-17239988

Fax: 00973-17239981

Email: m.cord@germanortho.com

Address: P.O.Box 249


Out patients facilities are provided at German Orthopaedic Hospital. The outpatient clinics are open all day from 08.00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. except Friday. Six consulting rooms are available, Patient Lounge and Clinic liaises closely with Physiotherapy rooms (Male & Female), Ultrasonic and ECG.

Our patient workload incorporates local, national and international referrals. These include postoperative and long term follow ups and patients being assessed prior to surgery. In addition to general orthopaedics, there is specialist clinics dealing with spine, hip, knee, foot, hand and shoulder conditions and sport injuries.

An important function of the department is assessing patients prior to surgery. This includes a thorough nursing assessment to identify and deal with any special requirements and giving patient's information and education.

All the nurses are licensed and have many years experience. They have been individually of care and treat patients with courtesy and respect. Nurse and therapy led clinics are already in progress and this is a role that we are keen to develop. The outpatient staff are aware to create the first impression for patients and visitors which are attending the German Orthopaedic Hospital and strive to ensure that this impression is always positive.

Patient Information

Insurance Information

We need this information to prepare for your visit and to obtain your contact information. Our representative will advise you about payments and/or deductibles for your visit depending on your insurance carrier. If you do not have insurance or have any specific questions about your payment options, you may be referred to as a cash patient.

Your Stay

We strive for patient satisfaction at German Orthopaedic Hospital. We know that surgery is something that you don't necessarily want to do. So, to make your stay a little better and to make you feel more at home, we provide these ideal services to our patients which we care about the most.

In Room Entertainment

To further enhance your visit and help you feel more at home, we have 18 rooms with the latest equipments (Wifi internet, cable TV and Telephone)..

Over Night Guests

We have two inpatient's rooms which provide your overnight guest with a comfortable bed and seat for your convenience.

Visiting Information

The visiting hours will be at 10 a.m to 10 p.m, all week from Saturday to Friday.


Inpatient facilities are provided at German Orthopaedic Hospital.

The hospital has 14 inpatient private rooms. 2 Intermediate Care beds are available to monitor andtreat critically ill patients.

Our two operating theatres are fitted with most advanced and cutting edge equipment to perform surgery.

Post surgery, our patients aretransferred to the recovery unit that is fitted with medically advanced treatments stations where we will monitor the patients vital signs and provide oxygen and pain therapy.


Our recently refurbished physiotherapy department houses 8 private rooms to bring you the best standard of physiotherapy care available. Our multicultural team of physiotherapists comes from around the world, bringing you a wide variety of techniques and concepts to help you rehabilitate as soon as possible. We offer inpatient and outpatient services, which include post surgical rehabilitation, manual therapy techniques, lymph drainage, dry needing, electrotherapy techniques, exercise prescription, Kinesiotaping and much more. Our professional teams speaks numerous languages including Arabic, English, Persian, German, Czech, Polish, Romanian, South African and Italian to bring you the best care possible.

The physiotherapy team will liaise directly with your treating doctor, to ensure a multidisciplinary approach to your treatment with the most effective outcome.

Sessions vary from 30 minutes to 45 minutes and the department is open Saturday through to Thursday. There are multiple payment options available with various payment packages, or direct billing depending on your insurance carrier.


Our osteopathy department is the first fully integrated medical department of its kind in the Gulf region. It is a pioneer in the growing field of functional, holistic and preventative medicine.

By definition:

'Osteopathy is a way of detecting and treating damaged parts of the body such as muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints. When the body is balanced and efficient, just like a well tuned engine, it will function with the minimum of wear and tear, leaving more energy for living.' General Osteopathic Council – UK (UK medical regulatory body for osteopaths) Why choose osteopathy at the German Orthopedic Hospital Bahrain?

  • It is world leading in its operation and delivery, where the osteopathy department is fully incorporated with the Hospital Information System for easy patient referrals and consequently a genuine illustration of multi-disciplinary and integrative healthcare.
  • Our practitioners are trained at Europe’s oldest and largest school of osteopathy (British School of Osteopathy in London, U.K.) with a high clinical, medical focus and world-class resources.
  • Practitioners are highly skilled and consult worldwide for Bahraini and British Sport teams: and are internationally qualified with medical regulatory bodies in Bahrain and U.K.
  • The natures of holistic methods used means treatments are normally more detailed and longer in duration than that of other healthcare interventions.


  • Dr. Maik Priester
    Orthopaedic Consultant
    Shoulder and Knee
  • Dr. Steffen Haug
    Orthopaedic Consultant
    Spine and Shoulder
  • Dr. Christian Reintjes
    Orthopaedic Consultant
    Hand, Foot and Elbow
  • Dr. Nikolas Tsatiris
    Orthopaedic Consultant
    Hip, Knee, Hand, Foot
  • Dr. Maik Priester
    Orthopaedic Consultant
    Shoulder and Knee
  • Dr. Heiner Abel
    Anesthesia Consultant
    Anesthesia, Intensive care and Pain management
  • Dr. Michael Mitrovics
    Orthopaedic Consultant
    Hand and Foot
  • Dr. Nikolas Tsatiris
    Orthopaedic Consultant
    Hip, Knee, Hand, Foot
  • Dr. Stefan Dragulescu
    Orthopaedic Consultant
    Hip and Knee
  • Dr. Steffen Haug
    Orthopaedic Consultant
    Spine and Shoulder
  • Dr. Christian Reintjes
    Orthopaedic Consultant
    Hand, Foot and Elbow


  • Address

    The Hospital is located in Central Manama, behind Salmaniya Medical Complex, Gulf Diabetes Specialist Centre.
    German Orthopaedic Hospital
    Bld: 99, R: 29, B: 329, P.O Box 249
    Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

  • Phone

    +973 17239988

  • Fax

    +973 17239980

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